Those who live by gun die by it

Reader Input
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At least people living in towns of the wild west had the good sense to require everyone to check weapons at the door of local law enforcement when entering towns or the wild west would have been filled with nothing but dead people. My gun-slinger great-grandfather agreed; hence, the evolution of civilized life. Wearing loaded weapons anywhere but when hunting is absurd and indicates irrational fears about who is out to get whom and when and who’s going to take their beloved guns away. We will always be able to bear arms in this country and be assured of this, all paranoid personalities. The question is where should we bear arms? Does anyone think if someone’s going to shoot someone that a gun is a viable intervention? Who’s gonna shoot first? Does the National Rifle Association guarantee innocent bystanders aren’t shot? Shame on NRA and loaded guns in the public square. Shame on NRA and concealed weapons. Shame on NRA for the deluded notion that the solution to gun crime is more guns. Many, many years ago my niece was shot and killed by an angry boyfriend and I doubt very much she could have stopped him had she been wearing a gun. Harriett Bridges, Auburn