Thrifty tips for the county

Reader Input
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The Nov. 4 article about the county looking for ways to cut costs – and using employees’ suggestions – was music to my ears. Although I’m retired now, during my work years I always looked for ways to cut costs. It doesn’t matter if you work for the county, or an independent company – a local drug store, restaurant, medical office, hospital, corporation, attorney’s office, etc., each and every business can reduce costs by looking at what they buy in supplies and the costs of printing forms. One time I found out that a form that had been printed for years was using premium paper as part of the triplicate. In changing the type of paper used we were able to save over $6,000 a year. If you have one company that you have been using for years – doing your printing - ask if they can assist you with reducing the costs. If it is a county office – can you hire an independent company to give you a bid – or is it regulated by the county that only a county department may print? You might be amazed at the cost savings. So thanks for asking the employees for suggestions. I would think this is a little late – when we are all struggling to cut costs with this economy – but better late then never. JEANNETTE KLEBOFSKI, Auburn