Tightening up our guidelines on myAuburn

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In the past year, MyAuburn has become a central square for community stories, opinions, photos and videos. More than 4,700 people have registered for the site, and hundreds are active users of the site every day. We thank you for your involvement, and look forward to your continued participation. However, as technology and participation evolve, so does our need to enforce the guidelines of the site to ensure myAuburn is a place for local content benefiting the Auburn community. To strengthen local content, we will begin encouraging you to post original, local content. One way to do that is to delete the numerous “cut-and-paste” articles from other Web sites that some users post. As our user terms clearly state, copyrighted articles, photos and other materials are not allowed to be posted to the site, as well as links to other Web sites. Posts of this nature will be removed and repeat violators will have their account deactivated. We still encourage you to post engaging content. We just ask that the content be your own. Our guidelines are enforced to promote local Auburn stories, photos, events, videos and discussion. We will take the best of your content and place it in the print version or promote it to a prominent place on our Web site for more people to see. We encourage you to use myAuburn to highlight and share the good, bad, unique, inspirational and the heartwarming stories that take place every day in and around Auburn. Comments on our site are also being closely monitored. We launched myAuburn on the belief we could trust your judgment in writing comments, and have allowed you to post them automatically to our site prior to being reviewed. We would like to continue doing so. Please follow our terms of service when posting comments. Comments that are off topic, harassing, profane, or potentially libelous will be removed from the site. Repeat offenders will have their accounts deactivated. We encourage you to continue posting your comments and opinions to further the conversation of the article, but do so realizing this is a family-friendly Web site. We feel comments are a great way to hear other viewpoints about a story and engage the community in conversation. thanks you for your participation and contributions to the Web site. We look forward to hearing from you on myAuburn soon. Click here for our terms of service Terms of Service