Time to get ready for Wally World

Reader Input
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Hey neighbor, have you heard? Wal-Mart be a-comin’ to Auburn. Yup, seems as though the city fathers got snookered by the big city developer types. They thought they were going to bring a Saks Fifth Avenue and new opera house to town but we be getting a Wally World instead. They be a-saying it’s going to devastate other city business and could even shut down places like the Weimar and Iowa Hill grocery stores. While the check-out lines at the local Bel Air, Safeway, Save-Mart etc. may be a minute or two shorter, I predict none will shutter their doors as most of us who currently frequent them for who they are and what they provide will continue to do so. I would not be surprised to see one of the current big chain drug stores go under as I suspect it is already close to doing so with or without Wal-Mart. And while the current daily red-light-to-red-light gridlock on Highway 49 may be exacerbated by a few minutes at certain times of the day, it will provide additional time for the tax-free income (hey buddy, can you spare some change) sign crowd to pick off some additional money before it leaves the county lines going to or coming from the daily “enhance your government pension” grind. The good news is we know that money will stay local. What the heck, if we can pull some of that underground marijuana money out of the canyons of Nevada and El Dorado counties even if it is spent at Wal-Mart it may help offset the big financial losses to the county coffers being predicted for South Placer County Los Lagos area as Kings players continue to default on their mortgages and/or leave the area for the really Big Wally World called Southern California. Thankfully we still live in a country where we have the right to choose where and when we shop, at least for a while, the way the nanny state is progressing. Although our household choice will be not to shop at Wal-Mart, I respect their right to open a store and the citizens’ right to shop there. Rich Maye, Newcastle