Time to move into energy future

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It seems like everyday I get a new mailing from PG&E touting its’ pet initiative, Proposition 16. I just can’t understand how PG&E can waste its profits by trying to prohibit local governments from installing green technologies which would lower the cost of government. I also can’t seem to locate this organization called “Coalition for Green Jobs” that PG&E claims to be in support of Proposition 16 anywhere on the Internet. If PG&E were a smart corporation, they would be trying to adapt and make money off the changing face of green energy production instead of wasting their profits trying to hold on to the past where publicly funded big dams and nuclear energy gave them their business. I’m grateful for every batch of cookies and every Thanksgiving turkey baked with the energy brought to me by PG&E but I also want the businesses that I support to be moving into the energy future not trying to hold it back. Debra Polansky, Auburn