Time to repeal ‘stupid’ law

Reader Input
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In reading the article, weekend edition, on “Gay debate splinters Auburn,” (Journal, Dec. 3-4), the comments of those opposed to the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT)”, including John McCain, can’t go unanswered. If you think about this issue rationally, in all the wars we’ve had including the wars today, many who have been in active combat, killed our enemies, been in charge of battle forces, lost limbs or even died in combat have been gay servicemen and women. They’ve been sleeping in the same barracks or tents, using the same facilities, and guess what? Nothing happened! Unit cohesion wasn’t destroyed! I can’t imagine a soldier who’s fighting alongside another, or whose life is being saved is going to ask about the sexual orientation of the person saving him or her. Really now, when the bullets are flying, what difference would it make if they did know? It’s time to repeal this stupid law! It is undermining the integrity of the armed services. A soldier is a soldier is a soldier. Chuck Huber, Newcastle