Time to right ADA issues

Reader Input
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I hear a lot from local businesses and neighbors about this man (attorney Scott Johnson) and his predatory practices but you know I never hear from the judiciary (Journal, July 10). Their silence is deafening. Our courts who hear these cases and rule and fine these businesses could quickly dispense with Mr. Johnson by giving him a dollar for compensation and expenses and send him on his miserable way. Or, is the ol’ boy American Bar Association network alive and well and wouldn’t dare oppose a “brother”? Or how about rewriting the law? I think John Sanford’s next “Prey” bestseller should be called “Easy Prey.” Follow Lucas Davenport as he tries to find only “the” one perp who this jerk has caused untold stress and money. The law isn’t meant to be applied this way, is it? It seems to me as more of a fix-it ticket where you are alerted to the violation and given time to fix the problem. And extortion used to be against the law. Kinda like finding a worm in your salad but I’ll settle for $1,000 not to tell the local paper. Attorneys, judges, Congress, city DA’s, people in the know and with the power: Do something! James McKesson, Auburn