A Time for Seniors: Community came to rescue of senior nutrition program

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Dear Readers: On behalf of Seniors First’s staff and Board of Directors, as well as the seniors of Placer County, I sincerely want to thank everyone who responded to the stories in the media regarding our Senior Nutrition Program being in financial crisis. Many of you wrote heartfelt letters of support and encouragement, sent in checks, made sustained financial commitments and have volunteered your time and talents in an effort to keep this valuable and much-needed program going. And going it is. We are currently feeding an average of 400 Placer County seniors five days a week; over 100,000 meals a year. For some, this is the only meal they eat in a day. For others, it is the only hot, nutritionally balanced meal they have access to. For many, lunch delivery is the highlight of their day and their only “social” event. At the present time, our financial situation has stabilized somewhat, however, it is still tenuous. We have taken internal financial measures which include a 10 percent pay reduction by all staff members and a workforce reduction of 15 percent. We still need your help to turn this situation around completely. I really want to thank Andy Conn for his Letter to the Editor; Andy you are a hero around here. Many of the checks we received included a reference to your suggestion of sending us $100/month for supporting senior services instead of having a “date night”. You struck a chord with many, many individuals in this great community of ours. We need your continued support, whether it’s in the form of time, talents or money, in order to support those seniors who are responsible for most of the great things this country takes for granted today. Things like highways, bridges and freeways; elevators, escalators and refrigerators; radio, stereo and TV; supermarkets and shopping malls. They don’t ask for much, but when they do, they really need it! Candace Roeder the Executive Director of Seniors First, a nonprofit senior services agency serving Placer County. Mail your senior-related questions to: A Time For Seniors, c/o Seniors First, 11566 ‘D’ Avenue, Auburn, CA, 95603, email them to or call 530-889-9500 x 203. Please include your name and phone number with your questions.