Time to set you writers straight

Reader Input
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A reply to several recent letters – To the individual who wanted a clean environment for his grandchildren – yes, we do need a clean environment but throwing away taxpayers’ money on things like Solyndra is not the solution.
The cost to the younger generation (your grandchildren) gets larger and larger to pay the interest on the national debt and Medicare. They may never collect “one red cent” from Medicare.
Those folks who think that the government can solve all our problems should consider those who are going to have to pay for this.
Oh yes, the rich. I forgot. But when you are thinking about this take a look at who furnishes the jobs, those who are employed by government do pay their income tax but this is like robbing Peter to pay Paul. Private enterprise is different. Figure it out.
Mark Jensen letter of Aug. 21: “Blame the Grand Old Party.” Everything is the fault of the previous administration but remember that administration had a majority of Democrats in the House and Senate.
Yes, there were mistakes but the administration that we have now should take responsibility for its actions.
Stephen Lentz letter of Aug. 21: “Take action with legislators.” Many who write letters to the editor also contact their legislators, by telephone, email and snail mail and have been doing this for years.
John Sisson, letter of Aug. 22: “Extremists for the right, rich.” Better check out your “so-called facts” as I believe that Paul Ryan has not always been on the government dole.
He worked the grill at McDonald’s, a sales gig with Oscar Meyer in which he at one time got to drive the Weinermobile, was a drink server at Tortilla Coast restaurant and trainer at the Washington Sport and Health Club.
As for Mitt Romney, I wonder when it became a travesty to go into business and make money. The businesses that he made successful have employed many people.
Maybe I read too much!
Mary Ann Frank, Auburn