Time to tax rich rightfully

Reader Input
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The attempt to punish lawmakers for the unbalanced budget by stopping their salary increases would be laughable if it weren’t such a pathetic, mindless gesture. Voters who buy the “not gonna raise your taxes” Republican Party line are the cause of the budget crisis. Wealthy legislators cut taxes for themselves and their rich supporters, for personal gain, and could care less about their salaries which are a pittance compared with their already fat wallets, and a mere drop in the budgetary bucket. Do you think highways are built by Santa’s elves? Schools, prisons, fire protection, health, environment, etc., all services you want and take for granted cost money. If we actually paid for these as we go, our taxes would be manageable and the budget would balance. But the rich keep their taxes low, then fund services with bonds which they buy for interest, and the working class has to pay back three times the price to cover the interest plus the cost, for decades. Thus the deficit continues. You want a balanced budget? Then elect responsible officials who will fairly and sufficiently tax us (and Standard Oil of CA) for what we actually need. If some businesses don’t like it, ship them off to Nevada or Idaho, but don’t count on an exodus. There’s a reason it’s cheaper there. California has more to offer, and if we properly tax for decent education, etc., we’ll also have the skilled labor quality businesses need. The sweat shops belong in the deserts, anyway. Jim Beall, Sr., Auburn