Time to think about clean-up

Reader Input
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In response to Rocky Warren’s letter, “Let’s start with a clean slate,” (Reader Input, June 28): I can’t recall when I’ve read a Journal letter that has not been, for the most part, vehement diatribe. I must admit, though, at my age I can’t recall much for too long, anyway. Rocky, in my opinion, which is always right on, I sincerely read into your letters that you have an obvious talent for expressing yourself in a satirical manner. Your suggestion to cut welfare by 20 percent is a prime example. Personally, I’m somewhat sensitive about welfare. My mother and her five young children wouldn’t have had food and shelter without it in the 1950s. It was known as government relief at the time. The vast billions of government-subsidized funds are primarily directed to the poverty areas in large cities. Cuts in welfare there? Are never going to happen. Rocky, it’s actually about fraud and abuse. It’s like that board game we played as kids. Knock one squirrel down and five more pop up. GENE BAKER, Meadow Vista