Together we can weather canal break

Reader Input
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One of the defining characteristics of the Auburn community is our ability to pull together in a crisis. When the 49 Fire vanquished 63 homes and businesses, residents rushed in to help the survivors. Now, with the failure of the Bear River Canal, residents, business owners and farmers from Bowman to Lincoln face a significant water shortage. Based on a briefing before the Auburn City Council on Monday night, it is clear that PG&E is working 24/7 to restore full water service by the end of June while PCWA officials are working hard to rearrange the “plumbing” to get limited water supplies to their customers. How can the average Auburn resident help in this crisis? PCWA has asked us to voluntarily lower our water consumption by 25 percent. If we water our plants and trees three days a week instead of six or seven, we can make a significant dent in the problem. It’s crucial that we pitch in to help. We must ensure that we have sufficient water supplies and pressure to ensure that our fire department can use the fire hydrants in neighborhoods and that nursing homes and schools have enough water to ensure public safety. Auburn residents like a good challenge. This is an opportunity for neighbors to help neighbors. Kevin Hanley, Auburn City Council