Tom McClintock doesn’t listen

Reader Input
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I just talked with Congressman (Tom) McClintock’s office in Washington, D.C. I asked why did he vote against a bill that would stop additional tax-payer dollars going to oil companies when he says the country is on the verge of destruction and gas is almost $4 per gallon? His office said that the congressman “doesn’t believe in picking on one company, and the amendment wasn’t fair.” McClintock also voted against another amendment that said oil companies would pay their royalties or rent — both terms were used in the bills. He doesn’t think that’s fair, either? Can I say it’s not fair I have to pay rent where I stable my horse? Oh yeah, that’ll work. According to (the website), McClintock got over $30,000 from the oil and gas industry, which includes Occidental Petroleum, Exxon and Valero. It doesn’t look like we have his ear. His voting record proves it. Dink Lane, Garden Valley