Tom McClintock listens to us

Reader Input
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During the 32 years we lived in San Jose we almost never had a local elected politician (including U.S. Congressperson) who represented our views on freedom and the proper role of government. During that time we became familiar with a politician by the name of Tom McClintock who was an occasional guest on KSFO radio. We were completely impressed with his understanding of history and how it applies to our current circumstances. He also had a realistic and workable plan to solve California’s financial woes. As we listened to him over the years it became clear that his guiding principles and standards were essentially the same as ours and he had the ability to explain them clearly. We found ourselves wishing we could live in his congressional district. We voted for him when he ran against Arnold (Schwarzenegger) to replace Gray Davis for governor. We have no doubt that he was the last best hope that California would avoid bankruptcy. Then we moved to beautiful Auburn and our political dream came true. We now have a congressman that hears us. Thank you, Tom McClintock! Grant and Patricia Shaw,