Tom McClintock talks out of both sides of his mouth

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Mr. McClintock’s recent editorial (Another View, April 16) is awash with misinformation, subterfuge and downright lies. President Obama’s budget policies include tax relief for anyone earning under $250,000. Read the budget, readily available on the Internet. President Obama’s policies support tax relief for small businesses: capital gains tax elimination for small businesses and tax credits for small businesses that offer health benefits, business innovations and job creation. Mr. McClintock spins these tax reductions as lies about new taxes to frighten lower- and middle-income people and small businesses. Keep in mind that the $250,000 tax increase benchmark is income after deductions and credits. For Mr. McClintock to then join with Fox News to urge people to protest taxes when most will be getting a tax decrease, is disingenuous or grandstanding at best. I doubt there were many teabaggers in the top 5 percent of our wealthiest out there with him. If the issue is paying taxes without representation, then what the heck is Mr. McClintock doing as our representative in Congress? Oh right, he’s just saying “no” to everything while taking his tax-supported salary and health care. Regarding cap and trade, Mr. McClintock totes dirty water for big polluters who don’t care about the impact of climate change on communities, saying it will cost “too much” to care for our planet and the precious lives of our children and grandchildren. If he’s so concerned about the cost to us, why isn’t Mr. McClintock supporting legislation to have polluters pay for the damage they’re causing? Jane O’Leary Auburn