Too bad world leaders lack guts

Reader Input
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You two just keep sticking with that “Grand Old Party” and they will stick it to us, unless one of the three of us is in their league. I Just read something — in Time magazine, I believe — that the members of the Senate make 12 percent and the House gets 9 percent on the stock portfolios. How do they do that? I imagine insider trading of sorts. So none of us can play their game. Solyndra was a great loss in American investment and technology, as well. The price of polysilicon wafer used in the production of solar cells plunged, and the Chinese dumping of their product to market made it impossible to compete. Too bad the world leaders don’t have the guts to do something about their ongoing practices. They also subsidize, which the U.S. can’t or won’t. So now to the U.S. debt. When Bush left office our debt was almost $11 trillion, It is now at $15 trillion-plus. Not sure if TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) was included in that number yet. Considering the collapse of the economy, and the U.S. involvement across the globe, not bad in my opinion, but some worry over the bull we are being told from people like (Paul) Ryan who lobbied for and received monies from the Reinvestment Ac, but refuses to acknowledge it. Also, taxes must be a part of our financial recovery. Just ask the great (Ronald) Reagan. Hopefully our government will put an end to hiding assets overseas, but then look who’s in charge. Thank My Creator I live in America. I can fly Old Glory daily, and we can disagree. We are blessed. Thank you. Mark Jensen, Newcastle