Too many nails, butts on walks

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I do a lot of walking around Meadow Vista from my home to the park. In my walks I often pick up lots of nails along the roadway. Lately there have not been as many and I wanted to thank construction workers for being more careful. I only hope that doesn’t mean you don’t have jobs. Although there haven’t been nails, in two days time I picked up 24 sheetrock screws. Please check your truck for leaks, they were brand new. Also smokers, please don’t throw out your cigarette butts. Don’t you know they don’t go away. They are dirty and too many for me to go along picking them up. In a lighter note, I’d like the thank the Auburn Recreation?District for the wonderful park in our area. Believe me, it gets used a lot. Lots of walkers, picnic parties and the pickle ball courts get used constantly. We appreciate how beautiful it is kept, and again it is well used. Ingrid Koenig, Meadow Vista