Torture must be opposed

Reader Input
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Is it possible that a very wicked intelligence has infiltrated our beautiful nation and transformed our government into a nasty mockery of justice and freedom? The fact that America has implemented a policy of torture as a routine method of interrogation is a clear indicator that an ugly, tyrannical spirit has subverted our government. What could be more enlightening to know that this and other similar policies have been exercised and maintained by both “sides” of our government for many decades? Torture is a policy that has been utilized freely regardless of which “party” is in office. The mind of the beast, impersonating reason and wisdom, tells us that we have to torture in order to protect freedom. Since freedom is a form of love, it is logically deduced that “we have to torture to protect love.” Unfortunately, the normal, humane sensibilities of the American citizen have been systematically subverted to the degree where even moral Christians have been brainwashed to support ongoing torture policies. It is time that we take a clear look at ourselves, and have a moment of doubt in our smug assessments that we hold to be true and hold our ideas up against standards. Who is running this country? Who is responsible for the outrageous torture of so called “enemy combatants”? Stop. Think. Oppose torture. Be active. Richard Gary Shinn, Reno, Nev.