Tough to live ‘the dream’

Reader Input
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The dream: You’re over 65, worked all of your life, served your country, never been in jail and always paid your taxes. You struggled at times and did without but never asked for assistance. You raised a family, voted and served your community. You knew that Social Security wouldn’t be enough so you invested what you could for retirement. You had a good healthcare plan but it was replaced by Medicare and a pricey supplemental. Things are going to be OK. The reality: A few years ago you had to refinance your home to cover an emergency, it’s upside-down. Your savings/investments have tanked along with the economy and the rising cost of living exceeds your fixed income. You’ve looked for a part-time job but “you’re too old.” You haven’t been feeling well lately, tests are run and the results are in. Your kidneys are failing. You need dialysis and probably a transplant but you don’t fit the profile, “it’s your age.” You may be part of the generation that made this country great but it’s time you face the new reality. You’re old. Drink the Kool-Aid and stop dreaming. Dick Isherwood, Lincoln