Tourist suggests tidying up view

Reader Input
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Today, April 9, I took the Zephyr train from Truckee to Martinez to see the beautiful snow-covered mountains. I am 64 years old and from the San Francisco Bay area. The train was packed with people from many countries. As we were going over Donner Summit, the Amtrak spokesperson talked about the history of this famous area as we went along. The passengers were transfixed by the scenery. The moment the conductor mentioned we were coming into Colfax everyone looked out the window (to the south, maybe six miles from Colfax) and saw a beat-up, deserted rusty truck, two old tires and some garbage. This project of cleaning this “eyesore” would probably take less than a half a day’s effort by the citizens of Colfax. I am sure the people of Colfax are not aware of this eyesore because the Colfax train station looks beautiful! If this is private property, perhaps the people of the city could volunteer to correct this first impression of Colfax. Candy Kattenburg, Lafayette