Town hall a valuable fire-fighting tool

Reader Input
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On Wednesday, July 21, I attended a town hall meeting organized by Assemblyman Ted Gaines bringing Placer County officers and officials together before members of the community to discuss the events on Aug. 30, 2009: Auburn 49 Fire rescue, response times and weed abatement issues. I would like to offer my support of the hazardous vegetation ordinance that was mentioned at the town hall meeting by Supervisor Jim Holmes. In our area I would like to see a pilot program similar to the one already in existence in North Lake Tahoe. I hope that this will be in effect for all of Placer County to offer a little more protection and avoid any future wildfires, enabling an added defense for people’s homes, properties and businesses. Secondly, I would like to say thank you to all of my neighbors, family, support services, community at large and especially the Salvation Army for helping get our home back in order. It is with deep gratitude and heartfelt thanks that I can say my home was spared. I wish my neighbors the very best and am happy to see so many of them rebuilding. In conclusion, thank you Assemblyman Ted Gaines and Supervisor Jim Holmes for calling this public forum. The outcome of the July 21 town hall meeting was that we all appreciated this opportunity to hear and ask questions, and that there is a need to have a follow-up meeting. Joyce Crawford, Auburn