Tracy ‘sorely needed’ for ARD

Reader Input
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Every once in a while, we get an opportunity to elect a person who stands head and shoulders above the rest. In November’s election, Larry Tracy is the clear and overwhelming choice for the Auburn Recreation District board. Larry transformed a bankrupt security manufacturer into the world’s largest manufacturer of security sensors. With Larry in charge, that bankrupt company became the driving force in advancing security technology in the world, with $100 million in revenue per year. When Larry was in charge, that company led the industry in research and development of advanced security systems, eventually becoming so profitable that Honeywell bought it. Then he took another company from $34 million/year after 26 years in business, to $151 million/year in just five years, when Bosch bought it. Whichever company he led quickly became the security and surveillance choice of the U.S. Treasury and the Forbidden City in China. Larry’s ability to solve problems, manage an organization and apply resources effectively and efficiently is sorely needed at ARD. By applying his knowledge and skills, Larry Tracy will ensure that your tax dollars are wisely spent to provide you with parks the way you like them. Do yourself a favor and elect Larry Tracy to the ARD board. Rex Bloomfield, Meadow Vista