Tracy is Gordy’s mouthpiece

Reader Input
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I encourage voters to re-elect Curt Smith to the board of directors of the Auburn Recreation District. Curt Smith has an extensive background in contract administration and procurement. He has brought professionalism to the board the last four years, guiding ARD with common sense to provide the widest array of recreational opportunities based on community input. Curt Smith does not allow special-interest groups to monopolize precious tax dollars. Opposition to Curt Smith is board member Gordon Ainsleigh and his puppet running for a seat, Larry Tracy, whose approach is angry and divisive. Constituents worry this board might return to its dysfunctional past. I’d suggest keeping the present board intact is in the best interest of our community. Tracy touts his business acumen but I wonder; why then, would he pilfer the ARD copyrighted logo and prominently display it on his official website when he has no legitimate affiliation without voters’ approval? Such is unethical at best and disingenuous at worst. Is this the kind of ethics our community deserves on our ARD board? Join me in returning Curt Smith to the ARD board. Please remember, when Mr. Tracy’s lips are moving, that would be “Gordy” speaking. Vance Sauter, Auburn