Train for success this spring

By: Gloria Young Journal Staff Writer
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A new training program at Placer Adult School takes participants from basic digital photography through building their own Web site. “It addresses personal and business needs to help people find jobs or start their own business,” Arij Mousa, computer program director and instructor, said Wednesday. The CS4 suite of classes began this week with digital SLR photography for business. It continues with Adobe PhotoShop, then moves through Moviemaking, Illustrator and InDesign, Flash & Animation and finally, Web design. “Students can apply skills learned from one class to the next,” Mousa said. “It can help students go in different directions looking for jobs — entry level photography, Web page design, computer animation, multi-media specialist and technician, visual artist or desktop publisher.” For those who enroll in the program, there’s an extra benefit. Apple and some PC stores give discounts on the software to students and teachers. “You just have to show your receipt that you are taking the class,” Mousa said. The courses are being held in the evening at Del Oro High School in Loomis. “It’s all very hands-on,” Mousa said. “Students will have their own PC in a lab setting.” The photography course, which ran Feb. 3-6, will be offered again this spring. Next in line, Adobe PhotoShop, will be held Tuesdays from Feb. 9 to March 9, with an additional session March 13. “It’s six sessions — 19 hours of training,” Mousa said. For the Moviemaker series, being held Tuesdays, March 16 to April 13, the software is a free download from Microsoft. “(In the class), students put together photos, video, text, music and sound effects to create a multi-media production,” she said. Adobe Illustrator, which runs Thursdays from March 18 to April 15, and Saturday, April 17, teaches how to create a business logo. In the InDesign series, Thursdays, April 22 to May 13 and Saturday, May 15, students learn how to make an online brochure. The Flash and Animation class, Fridays, April 23 to May 14 and Saturday, May 15, focuses on creating interactive “movies” on the Web. Students put it all together in the Web design finale Wednesdays, May 19 to June 9 and Saturday, June 12. Jason Lee of Lee Photo in Auburn teaches the digital photography course. “Photography is a hook to your article or your Web site,” he said. “Without great photos, some things can fall a little flat.” The course is suitable for beginners as well as those familiar with a camera. “Topics include how to create images with impact and also how to manage those images, how to keep track of them, how to back them up,” Lee said. “We spend a great deal of class time on learning the cameras. Digital cameras are so complex today and most places won’t go into instruction. Cameras are 90 percent computers and 10 percent camera. The students need some solid information on how to use these tools.” As the owner, with his family, of a photography studio in Downtown Auburn, Lee is very aware of the challenges small businesses face. “People are struggling. Business owners are looking for something to generate business and attract new business,” Lee said. “What better way to do that than by creating great photos and then putting that into designing great logos and brochures, and then taking that on to building a Web site. It gives people a great tool for business and for job search. That’s important in this modern era where we are all trying to develop greater skills.” Although designed as a module, each class is separate and can be taken separately. Tuition costs range from $74 for Moviemaker to $99 for PhotoShop, plus books and materials fees. Gloria Young can be reached at ------------------------- Adobe CS4 Applied Technology Business Training For more information and a catalog, call the Placer School for Adults at (530) 885-8585 or see