Trains have been here since 1865

Reader Input
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Response to Reader Input, Jan. 23: Is living near our railroad too noisy for you? Much like moving in or around a small airport, or freeway, before you buy you should look into the surroundings of your proposed new home location. It is a fact, living around the railroad, freeway or an airport can be noisy. Some good advice may be, if you do not want to hear the noise, do not buy next to or near any of these. The rails through the mountains have been undergoing some major, first-of-its-kind upgrades never before seen on this track line. Depending on where you live along the tracks, this noise and disruption can be troublesome. These new and very intense improvement projects do result in disruptions lasting from a few days to seven days. Once completed, it is not expected to be needed again for up to 50 years. The railroad has two tracks. This current work is for only one track, and they will be back to finish the other track in the future. In exchange, the trains as they pass will be quieter, safer, run more efficiently and carry much more cargo. Trains are the least polluting way to transport huge quantities of everything this country and its people need to enjoy and preserve the American way of life. These improvements will also reduce the ongoing routine maintenance normally required, thus reducing the noise from these activities. Railroads, freeways and airports all share a tendency to expand and grow. I suggest if you do move please look around at your surroundings and do not make the same mistake by moving and condemning what has been in your backyard since 1865. Tony Hesch, Colfax