Transform that ‘death bridge’

Reader Input
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I’m very sorry to say that we have lost another human being from the Auburn-Foresthill Bridge (Journal, March 24). How many more people do you need to see jump to their deaths from that “death bridge?” I didn’t even get a chance to respond to all the comments about the last suicide before another person jumped to his death. There were some good ideas from the “think tank” on the last article. If we could couple up a few of these great ideas, I think that we can solve the problem of so many people coming to this particular site to commit suicide. We can make that difference. A great idea was to put a full-cage walkway across the entire bridge walk. This, coupled with the safety suicide prevention net that is being employed by many large cities to prevent suicides from happening, would solve the problem. Believe me when I tell you that I am not that naive. Social workers do try to help whenever they see a situation that needs advocating. That is all that I’m trying to do here. Please keep the comments (positive ones that is) coming in. We can do this, people, we really can. Let’s stop the needless dying by acting positively to get something done about this bridge. Ron Langford, social worker, Grass Valley