Treat our planet with respect, courtesy

Reader Input
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The article, “From skeptic to believer” (Journal, Nov. 1), addressed a recent unvetted study of global warming. The study concluded that the surface temperature of the Earth has risen 1.6 degrees since the 1950s. I don’t think anyone should be surprised by the waxing and waning of Earth’s climate over time. After all, our oil-rich North Shore is beneath frozen tundra which once enjoyed a more tropical climate. What mystifies me is why the climatologists aren’t looking at a more important question: Will the Earth recover from this observed rise in temperature? Thus far with climatic rises and falls resulting from volcanic activity in the past, the Earth has been designed to recover, which it has. Like a pendulum, our climate swings from one extreme to the other. The key question is when does that momentum become inadequate to offset climate extremes and bring the system back into equilibrium? I don’t have the data to support it but I have my suspicion that all the energy we put into discerning what the Earth’s temperature is may be make work for those involved in “green” enterprises. Perhaps the green axiom we should be living by is a bit simpler than suspected by the august scientists arrayed on both sides of the argument. That is, pick up your trash and deposit it in a proper receptacle, don’t drive excessively, carpool and use public transportation as much as possible and be courteous to those on both sides of the argument and the rock we currently reside upon. In other words, don’t soil the nest any more than you have to. Gerry Old, Auburn