Treatment of Toyota a sham

Reader Input
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Once again the government sticks its nose into what it knows nothing about. I refer to the extremely rude behavior of the congressional “investigators” bashing the CEO of the Toyota Corporation. This is not about safety; it’s about politics and politicians preening for the camera. These clowns are just playing to the TV audience and could (not) give a hoot about vehicle safety. I’m sure, if the truth be known, it’s all about ramming down our throats the vehicles produced by government-owned U.S. vehicle manufacturing entities, which for years passed out lemons to the U.S. consumers. Where were the investigators then? I own two Toyotas and they are the finest vehicles that I’ve owned in my 75 years. Were I Toyota, I would close down all manufacturing plants in the U.S. and let the U.S. consumers pay extra for a vehicle made in Japan, or Mexico, or South America, or Canada. Unfortunately, that would contribute to the already distressed unemployment in this country, which is a direct result of government incompetence. RON SCHWAB, Auburn