Trees in way; can’t see forest

Reader Input
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This funny saying (referenced in the headline) is relevant to the Bohemia project in this way: The property that Mr. Jim Conkey wishes to develop for a Costco or Wal-Mart is properly zoned commercial (it connects to a busy commercial, high-traffic highway). The adjoining residential property owners are within their rights to protest the invasion of their home streets for the big increase in traffic in that area. We who drive Highway 49 are within our rights to not want traffic backed up from cars waiting for a light at Canal Street to access the project and the added traffic to an already overloaded road. This is not the right property for a Costco or any other big box store development! The fact that Mr. Conkey has owned the property and paid taxes on it for 23 years does not change the fact that it is an ill-conceived idea to build a Wal-Mart or Costco on it. (Sorry Mr. Conkey, but the truth is the truth). Auburn needs something fun. How about a water park, miniature golf and/or an ice rink – or an auditorium for music, plays, public gatherings, etc. Or (the owner could) donate the land to Auburn for green park, never too much of that. As I thought of where a Costco could go in Auburn (and I do want a Costco and a Trader Joe’s), the land north of Target and east of the hospital has many of the important and necessary pieces already in place. What the zoning of this property is or its availability is not known to me, but is has the right pieces in terms of size and less impact overall. I hope our supervisors will do what is right for Auburn and let Mr. Conkey do what is right with the property he owns — right things happening in both instances for the good of all, but especially for Auburn, a great place to live. Charlie Mae Allen, Auburn