True gentleman, Deric Rothe

Reader Input
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I would like to share my observation that (former Journal editor) Deric (Rothe) is an incredibly devoted and fun father. Our daughters skied together for many years at Auburn Ski Club and then Placer High Ski Team. For the ASC team, we carpooled with mainly Deric and Mark Faulkner and also the Swayzes and the Nietsches. We would meet up at 5:30-5:45 a.m. to carpool for early bird training at Alpine Meadows, which is where Alpine allowed the coaches to train before the public arrived on Saturdays and Sundays. It is quite a feat to get five teenagers, 10 pairs of skis, 20 poles, ski boots, etc. up to Alpine so they could get booted up and ski to the chairlift by 7:30. If the kids were not at the chairlift by 7:30, they were not allowed to load the chairlift due to liability reasons and had to wait until 9, and therefore the whole early morning effort was futile. Since Deric and Mark are both ski and snowboard coaches, they were heading up the hill anyway to coach or on their days off to free ski, so they jointly shared most of the responsibility for getting the kids up the hill. I did my share of carpooling, but certainly did not go up nearly as often as these two. They also took the kids up to Boreal for night training once or twice a week. If my daughter beat Deric’s daughters in a ski race, he would graciously congratulate my daughter sincerely and once told me, “You have a winner on and off the snow, and I truly love her.” I was impressed with his sportsmanship. Yes, Deric is highly competitive and openly and honestly speaks his mind and we even sparred a bit at times, but I feel these are good qualities, and I admire his courage and integrity. Throughout these years of spending this time together with our daughters, we became good friends and have shared a lot of fun times. I truly feel Deric is a genuine, caring and sensitive man as evidenced by his devotion to his family, his openness and graciousness! Teresa Kenworthy, Auburn