Try joining real world, county workers

Reader Input
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Is there any way that you might enlighten and educate me by printing the job descriptions for the following positions in Placer County? Veteran services officer, Chief assistant CEO, Deputy county executive officer, Managing account auditor, Deputy county counsel III, Assistant client services program director and, finally, Chief probation officer. Yes, (these are) the county employees who just received raises (Journal, June 25). Seems like a lot of high-falutin’ titles that don’t have much to do except think of names for additional jobs. Just what are the qualifications for these jobs? Years of university? Extra studies? Can I apply? Just who is this guy (Chuck) Parcher? No “gloom and doom?” Hell no, not when you’re being spoon-fed by the public trough! Get a clue. Quit your cushy government job and step into a real world. Try getting your own health plan. Try re-financing your own “mansion.” Buy your own car (hopefully from GM or Chrysler, or haven’t you noticed?) and fuel. Pay for your own fuel and auto expenses. Get a real job in the private sector! With your extensive background in government service it should only be a short time — say, 10 to 15 years before a job opening in your field of expertise occurs. I wasn’t planning on all the poison in my tirade, but damn, someone has to open the senses (seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, etc.) of our higher government employees. God knows, they seem to have forgotten the hand that feeds them belongs to the public and have lost all touch with the real world.   Thomas Burke, Auburn