Turkey haters have come to the wrong place

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Today must be a good day! The headline for the Journal and TV news dealt with unrepentant wild turkeys mating in public, apparently without a permit. If that subject is the lead, then all is right in the world. For those who have a problem with that activity I’d like to suggest a few things to consider: First — If you don’t like to see wildlife engaging in the “wild” life, why did you move to the country? If that kind of mating behavior is abhorrent, don’t go to Old Town Auburn bars on a Friday night. Second — Although it may be scary, that’s where turkey sandwiches come from. Wild turkeys taste just like the product you buy in the store, so make the connection between your food and what flies and walks through your neighborhood. Third — They aren’t going to kill you if they chase you. They’re birds with beaks that aren’t made to eat meat. They don’t kill fawns. Read the California Department of Fish and Game’s information about how to deal with turkeys. They are very interesting animals that can be beneficial for most of the year. Calvin Guin Auburn