Turn up the heat on politicos

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On this day our president joined leaders of other industrial nations to declare they will not allow the world’s average temperature to rise more than 3.6 degrees. Wow. The hubris of our leaders has finally reached a hitherto unknown level of absurdity. So, I urge men and women everywhere to create climate change within their communities, in their state capitols and in the bastion of self-interest and ignorance, our nation’s capitol. Turn up the heat on those politicos of either major party who have intruded upon the private sector, turned surpluses into deficits, sought to purchase the votes of the citizenry with entitlements that enable rather than empower, and declared themselves personally exempt from responsibility. May we have the courage to declare, “Enough.” May we have the will to raise up a new generation of leaders who will govern with sense. Who would have thought that, “Hope for change,” referred to what we might have left in our pockets when our politicians have finished with us. Michael Fox, Auburn