Two 4-H members honored with Hulbert Award

By: Stephanie Breitbart, Journal Staff Writer
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The recipients for the 2009 Hulbert Award for outstanding male and female members in Placer County 4-H were awarded to Jill Wippermann and Mark Doerner. Doerner, 18, has been in 4-H for the past 10-years and has received numerous awards and honors for his involvement in the club. He plays the violin, is active in karate and has been a leader in various 4-H and community events. Wippermann, 18, is a leader both in 4-H and at her job as a gymnastics coach. She plays the trumpet and piano and has a 4.15 GPA. Wippermann is also very involved in the community Thirteen candidates between the ages of 14 to 18 applied for the 15th annual Hulbert Award, all of whom showed excellence in civic and community activities, school and scholastic activities, 4-H activities and collaboration and cooperation with diverse groups of individuals, judges said. The candidates included Amanda Smoot, Jamie Chinn, Samantha Minton, Roseann Jorgensen, Erin Wippermann, Hannah Jolly, David Jolly, Michael Balaguy, Isaac Humber, Jordan Smith and Jacob Smith. A panel of five judges, including Rich Johnson, Christine Turner, Heber Brown, Ron Ravo and Stephanie Breitbart, interviewed each candidate on Friday in the final step before determining a winner. Wippermann and Doerner are both active volunteers in their community and church, have held multiple leadership positions in 4-H, are focused on their music, studies and helping others. They will each receive a scholarship for $2,500. June Stewart, 4-H program representative, said each student is more than deserving of this award. “This is a big goal and something they’ve worked on for many years … It’s been a great experience,” Stewart said. Turner agreed and said that the students should be very proud of where they are in life, “We hear about all the negative press coverage but to hear about these youth and their accomplishments is just amazing,” Turner said. The late Laura and Neil Hulbert were strong supporters of youth activities and especially respected those involved in 4-H. They set up the scholarship to be awarded each year to students who have been outstanding participants in the 4-H program.