UC executives’ demands out-of-touch

Reader Input
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I am outraged to read that top University of California executives earning more than $245,000 annually are demanding a major pension hike in this economy (Journal, Dec. 30)! I am a graduate of UC Berkeley, two of my children attend UCs, and until now I have been proud of the UC system. We have endured 30 percent fee hikes over the past year, with another 8 percent hike looming. Middle class families are being pinched with these increases, and fat-cat executives demand even higher pensions from a public university system? They rationalize this saying that public universities have to pay salaries competitive with those of private institutions in order to attract top talent, but clearly this is unrealistic for institutions which are partly taxpayer-supported. If the executives can’t endure the “low” pay and pensions of a public university, let them resign and sign on with private colleges — I’m sure the UCs can find capable executives willing to “impoverish” themselves with $245,000 annual salaries. I agree with Governor-elect (Jerry) Brown who calls the executives “very out of touch” in this economic climate. Virginia W. Ward, Auburn