Uhler missed chance to take high road

Reader Input
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I find it ironic that Supervisor (Kirk) Uhler accuses the editorial staff of being “political opportunists” in his recent guest column (“Another View,” Feb. 25), which was a masterpiece of political double-talk. For those who are keeping track, Mr. Uhler’s wife was appointed to a high-paying county job without any competitive interviewing. After only six months on the job, she was eligible for a “merit raise” to well over $100,000, including generous benefits that the average citizen can only dream about. Being a small business-owner myself, I am quite aware of what constitutes a “merit” pay increase — they are supposed to be performance-based, rather than just automatic raises as they are with civil servants. Mr. Uhler rightfully states that the county contract which guarantees such pay-raises will fortunately expire at the end of this year and that such budget-busting contracts are “unsustainable.” He even goes so far as to say he “warned his colleagues” about these dangerous practices in 2007. Why then, Mr. Uhler, if you truly believe in these principles, did you not show some integrity by simply refusing the automatic pay-raise for your wife? Had you taken the high road, you could have set such a great example for your constituents, many of whom are barely scraping by financially. It would appear that you, sir, are the political opportunist. Richard A. Del Balso, Auburn