Understand what charter vote means

Reader Input
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Here are some things to consider in June when voting on Auburn’s Charter status: 1) Charter cities have absolute authority over municipal affairs; 2) They can override state law and only be obligated by the State Constitution; 3) They determine how a city spends its tax dollars; 4)Exempt from state competitive statutes; 5) They are more susceptible to outside influences – negative impact on local businesses due to favoring developers and corporations; 6) Overly benefit city official economic compensation-benefits; 7) Negatively affect local wages by the use of non-federal/state projects; 8) Raise taxes and fees while state taxes don’t decrease; 9) Not accountable to the California Election Code; 10) May impose business license taxes at will unless they violate state/federal constitutions; 11) May impose real property transfer taxes if they do not violate the California Constitution; 12) May enact ordinances providing for various penalties; 13) Zoning ordinances are not required to be compatible with the general plan. These are just some examples of the functions of a charter city. You the people will decide to continue the status quo or let someone else determine your future. It’s all a matter of accountability to the people and what benefits them. ALLEN CASSIDY, Auburn