Understanding freedom

Reader Input
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Dear Larry Smith (Reader Input, Dec. 17): Yes, I would want my health care provided by Donald Trump or General Motors (no, wait, they are now a government agency) or AIG or Halliburton or Kaiser or Blue Cross, etc. . Why? The answer is found within the sentence itself. It’s all those little “ors” in there which mean I have a choice. It’s called freedom. No private business puts a gun to my head and demands my money. The government does that to me routinely and then uses that money to prop up enterprises that take away freedom. You cannot, with credibility, say that the military PX is a good example of a well-run government enterprise, precisely because they have access to funds, which were taken by force. On the other hand, Safeway, Raley’s, Save Mart, etc., cannot force me to give them one dime. In fact, they too are forced to pay taxes, some of which are used to prop up the PX. Why is this so hard to understand? Fortunately, Tom McClintock understands freedom. Apparently, you do not. GRANT SHAW, Auburn