Unions behind ID theft scare

Reader Input
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Radio ads are being broadcast all over the state warning voters “not to sign petitions because it exposes the signer to identify theft.” Wrong! The sponsor calls itself “Californians Against Identity Theft,” having no legitimate website that can be found. What a coincidence! Currently a petition is circulating, (that) if passed by voters, prevents the unions (for nearly four decades now) from involuntarily removing a portion of the workers’ paycheck and using it for politics — calling it dues. Example, the California Teachers Association takes nearly $800 a year from teacher paychecks, and nearly half of that goes for politics. Over 90 percent is donated to the Democratic party. Therefore, Democratic candidates are always well-funded (on the backs of hard-working people) and have been the majority party in California for four decades. And we know where that got us — a sinking economy. Masking themselves behind a phony prop, three points can be made. The union leaders are extremely dishonest, desperate and they cannot argue on the merits of why they should be allowed to use (without permission) a portion of their members’ hard-earned money to fund the liberal agenda. All indications point to Service Employees International Union funding this phony advertisement, pretending to be something they are not, in an effort to scare people from signing petitions. Don’t be fooled by their dishonesty. The information required on initiatives is no more than what can be found in a phone book. If you want to sign the petition, contact your local tea party. Dianne Foster, Foresthill