Unions do not speak for all

Reader Input
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I am writing in response to your article titled, “Wage debate draws crowd,” (Journal, July 12). The crowd that this issue drew was comprised of union construction workers and union employees who want to preserve the prevailing wage requirement that a charter city may be able to avoid. The real substance of converting to a charter city is that it frees the city from many state laws and it allows our elected representatives to take actions and make decisions that will benefit the whole community. The state Legislature is busy passing more and more laws that transfer power from the local representatives to the state. I believe that most residents of Auburn would support the charter city proposal if they took the time to understand the real issues and what is at stake. As we all know, unions are well-organized and have the ability to apply extreme pressure on proposals that are counter to their entitlements. The people that spoke to the City Council against the charter city proposal related the benefits that prevailing wages had on their own personal lives. None of these people care about the community as a whole and they think that the community should pay a 10 percent premium so that they can live a better life. To learn more, please visit the city’s website and read the four-page charter proposal and attend the Aug. 8 City Council meeting where there will be further discussion of the charter city proposal. If the City Council does not hear from the community, they will assume that the unions are speaking for all of us. Barbara Jicha, Auburn