Unmask the Koch brothers

Reader Input
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The letter regarding the funding for the tea party by Leslye Janusz (Reader Input, Sept. 8) is right on. In a column in the New Yorker magazine, author Jane Mayer tells us the two billionaires who fund the tea party movement are the Koch brothers, David and Charles. They are the men at the helm of Koch Industries, the second-largest privately held conglomerate operating in the United States. Only Warren Buffet and Bill Gates outflank them in their wealth. They also have family connections to the John Birch Society and have spent hundreds of millions to create the so-called “grassroots tea party movement.” They do not mention that they have benefited greatly from legislation and policies that have expanded corporate rights and tax shelters. So, good people of Auburn, do not be hoodwinked by two of the biggest corporate shills living today. We need to unmask the devils behind these corporate front groups. Educate yourselves as to where your local money is going and if it is legal and on the up and up. Google Koch Brothers to find out more.   Millee Livingston, Auburn