Unsold on charter city

Reader Input
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Re: Point/Counterpoint, Journal, April 6:
Although I have little knowledge about charter cities I do know when I see something coming from Steve (it’s gonna be a Costco) Cavolt I want to turn and run the other way.
There are people like S.C. who believe in capitalism with a capital C. It makes me nervous that while gaining local control with charter status we would give up more stable, “big government” control and could see a takeover of our local governance like is happening in some Midwest states or what happened in the town of Bell.
These days it is very popular to raise a general battle cry against “big government” without looking to future consequences.
More specifically, as printed in the (April 6) Journal, the charter, Article 1, section 101 states “the boundaries of the City … until changed in the manner authorized by law” sounds like a decision already made, a plan ready to go.
Is annexation to go immediately in effect once the charter status is obtained? The last paragraph of the same section is a little scary: “… in force until the same have been duly repealed, amended, changed or superseded by proper authority.” What proper authority? Someone like Steve (it’s gonna be a Costco) Cavolt?
And what about Section 301 “preserve and enhance the small town and historic character of Auburn.” With a Wal-Mart? Give me a break.