US back on track, CA not

Reader Input
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Unlike our First Lady, I am genuinely proud of America. We have started a recovery from a very serious mistake we made two years ago. I think we now realize that we can’t spend our way to recovery, we can’t continue to nationalize private businesses, and we can’t continue to run up a debt that could be the very downfall of America. Here is what I hope we have learned. First, the next time someone offers us hope and change, we ask what the change is and how much it costs. Second, we should never elect a president that lacks any relevant experience. And lastly, we should elect politicians in spite of their gender and race, not because of it. Now that the Republicans have control of Congress we can only hope that they will reverse the orgy of spending that Nancy Pelosi and her tribe have engaged in. In the last four years she has been responsible for legislation that added $5 trillion to the debt. We are glad to be rid of her. My enthusiasm does not carry over to our state. Between the initiatives and the liberals that have been elected we have now set ourselves up for even higher taxes. Not bad for the state that already has the highest tax rate in the country. Good job. I will not feel sorry for you. You will get what you deserve. Eric Hill, Auburn