US debt scarier than climate

Reader Input
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Re: Steve Pettit, Reader Input, Feb. 11: I must say that the fear you have of Sarah Palin is somewhat misplaced. Those that you should be wary of are those “snake oil” salesmen whose pitch you have swallowed concerning “global warming” or “global climate change.” Certainly you must understand that these “good-intended” saviors have withheld and manipulated their own studies in order to cry the sky is falling. Furthermore, this past week, reports from a global climate conference stated that in 2007 the earth cooled by .7 degrees centigrade/Celsius or approximately 1.3 degrees Fahrenheit. There are thousands of scientists that are now backing away from “man-caused climate change.” The individuals, Albert Gore, Jr., et al., that you look to bring you the “constructive path” to your Nirvana are profiting, both monetarily and more frighteningly ever-increasing control of all of us. If you truly fear for the future of “our” children, then you should be in complete and abject horror at the debt that has been placed on their backs in the last year alone and the servicing of that debt growing beyond even your fears of Sarah Palin. JOHN STAFFORD, Auburn