US disloyal to its own

Reader Input
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The economic truth has finally surfaced on Wall Street. People are protesting against corporate greed. But, that’s just part of the problem facing America. We have millions living in poverty in this country and yet we continue to give away billions to the rest of the world. Where is the help for our homeless and unemployed looking for food in garbage cans? Where is the help for the seniors who also don’t have enough to eat? Why aren’t we building new hospitals and roads here in America? Why are our prisons overpopulated? Why don’t we take care of our mentally ill? Should I go on? We are a mess in America! Why? Our priorities are wrong. We cater to the wealthy at the expense of the worker and the poor. We support the world when we should be investing in us. We are disloyal to our own. Do we get it yet? We try and police the world when we should be taking care of ourselves here in the U.S. It’s a very simple solution we should consider: take care of your own country and stop trying to appease the rest of the world. Use the resources you have, to strengthen your own country. America needs to learn this lesson. We have an obligation to help the American people, not the rest of the world. Our focus should be on taking care of ourselves and our neighbor next door. Once we learn to help one another, we can overcome selfishness and greed. When we give up the toys and guns for help is when we will progress as a society. When we give up the love for money and things is when we will become a better place to live in. Until we do this, we will continue to be a second-rate country. ALLEN CASSIDY, Auburn