US economic engine runs capitalistically

Reader Input
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It’s getting a little old reading Obama supporters’ Letters to the Editor each week who are either very poorly informed or are just plain lying.
People like Mark Jensen (“Blame the Grand Old Party,” Aug. 21) continue to spout the Obama talking point of blaming Republicans for “... blocked and undermined hundreds of bills. ...Obama has tried to jump start the economy and Congress said ‘no.’”
I will state this as plainly as possible for people like Mr. Jensen who seem not to know who was in charge of Congress for four consecutive years — two years prior to President (George W.) Bush’s last term, and two years of President Obama’s first term. The Democrats were a majority and could pass whatever they wanted.
But as I recall, Obamacare was all Obama focused on for the first two years of his term which didn’t set well with members of his own party. So it took a lot of time and effort to bribe, twist arms and threaten members of their own party to get an unpopular health care bill passed.
And yes, Mr. Jensen, Obama paid the price for passing a health care bill inferior to the current health care that America enjoys now. The Republicans won a majority in the House of Representatives.
And now we know what change Obama was referring to when campaigning for president.
People like Mr. Jensen need to wake up to the fact that the American economic engine runs on a capitalistic philosophy, not a communistic one. If liberals prefer the socialistic/communistic philosophy of government, I recommend relocating to Europe.
Dianne Foster, Foresthill