US manages wars poorly

Reader Input
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There is a very good reason to stop making war, aside from the morality issue. We just aren’t very good at it; in fact we are basically incompetent. We can’t manage supplies, personnel or money. Then there is the issue of how our troops are being supervised and managed. Battlefield commanders have recently reflected on how the armed services used to be managed. They say that where the army once rigidly enforced rules on drug use, it got sloppy in recent wars in the rush to get soldiers ready for the battlefield. Remember (Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s) Rumford’s statement that “you go with what you got”? Those commanders say that officers who once trained soldiers on everything from drug abuse to financial planning have now only enough time to get their troops ready for battle. The degree of our government’s mismanagement is appalling both at home and abroad. However, it is one thing to mismanage money on Wall Street but another thing entirely to mismanage the lives of our young men and women. Oh yes! I almost forgot. Why is it that we are in Afghanistan? PATRICK R. LITTLE, Auburn