US now land of the fine print

Reader Input
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I was reading a letter on the Internet about a 90-year-old vet going through legal battles with his housing association for putting up his U.S. flag in front of his house. In case people are wondering, the United States being the land of the free is quickly becoming a thing of the past. A lot of people are always saying how much better it is here than in other countries. But, that is quickly changing, and not for the better. As it is, when we buy property we have enough county and state officials poking their noses in what we do (for a profit), buying into a housing association only adds salt to the wound. It’s like living in a communist-owned community. You buy it and they’re always there to tell you everything you are going to do with it. Always make sure you double check the fine print and even take the time to have a lawyer look at what you are investing in before you get yourself into something you may seriously regret financially and emotionally. “Land of the free.” Bah, humbug! Shellie Browning, Colfax