U.S. as police state is possible

Reader Input
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Sandy (Campbell, Reader Input, June 23) was on the mark. He (Obama) has nationalized the auto industries, the banks and now is working on health care. Did you know he is also after free speech and would like to silence Rush, Savage and the Fox News commentators? He is also after our Second Amendment right to carry and bear arms. He doesn’t care for our Constitution and our Declaration of Independence. He has even told other countries that we were not a Christian nation. Obama is a socialist and we have to remain vigilant or we could be in the same position as Iran and the dictatorship that exists there. They have lost their rights to assemble, their free speech and do not have a right to own weapons. The militia has not hesitated to use force and shoot their fellow citizens. Congress has changed the law for posse comitatus and they have also repealed martial law provisions making it easier for the president to declare martial law. We could become a police state very easily. Bob Velon, Penryn