US President blatantly lies

Reader Input
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The recent letter from liberal/leftist Geary Tiffany is yet another example of leftist hysteria which occurs with great frequency any time anyone dares to question Obama’s policies and those of his cabinet and numerous “czars” (“Writers’ letters scream political panic,” Reader Input, Aug. 14).
Obama has never really proven his citizenship. He has hidden all records pertaining to his past, such as his college admission papers (anyone care to bet that he registered as a foreign student and probably received foreign student aid—hence all the secrecy), his thesis, his record as a lawyer, the list is endless.
The fact that he refuses to fire Attorney General Eric Holder is yet another example of his incompetency. Obama and Holder claim they are so concerned about voter fraud, yet Holder never had the Black Panthers prosecuted for intimidating voters at a polling place.
Obama blatantly lies on all manner of things and has divided our country in ways none of us ever imagined we would experience.
I question why anyone would choose to give this pretender another four years. Haven’t we had enough of massive unemployment, unending government regulations and the just-around-the-corner huge tax increases that will befall all of us due to the Obamacare monstrosity?
Get smart, people, and throw the bum out!
Donna McCloskey, Auburn